What's PMAI all about?

Performance Medical Acupuncture Institute is a course in medical acupuncture utilizing the most up to date techniques including a combination of online learning and live lectures with hands on learning.  The course is open to:

  • Students in Medical School, Osteopathic School, Chiropractic School, Physical Therapy, Nursing
  • Licensed Physicians (MD, DO), Physical Therapists (PT) or Doctors of Physical Therapists (DPT), Nurse Practitioners (NP), Physician Assistants (PA), Massage therapists  that want to add a new skill
  • Licensed acupuncturists that want more specialized training in the neuroanatomical-neurofunctional approach to acupuncture for treatment of orthopedic or neuromusculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries

The full Certification requires completion of the online course  and THEN live lectures with clinical/hands - on training with successful completion of the online course.

Please note each component has its own separate fees and costs:

1)  online course =  $1500

2) hands - on / live lecture component = $2500

(Discounts to medical students or graduate students qualify for discounts; please inquire about any introductory offers)

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