Online courses are conducted over the internet and typically do not have meetings in a designated physical space. Course materials are typically available online at a dedicated website. Class activities and instructor/student communications, are typically by email or on the course website.

You will need to know the following:

  • how to use a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word
  • how to type
  • how to send email
  • how to use a discussion board
  • how to do basic downloads from the internet, and
  • how to attach files.

You may also need to know, or learn:

  • how to follow instructions for updating your browser,
  • how to download and install special plug-ins, and
  • how to zip and unzip files.

The online class is $1500 but the on-campus (hands on training and live lecture) costs $2500 (billed separately upon completion of the online course). We schedule the live lectures throughout the year and will be announced via email when it is available.

It depends on how you learn. You can expect to succeed in an online course if you put in as much study time as you do in any of your schedule – this gives you flexibility and the responsibility to stay on task.

You may have to meet at a certain time for online discussions, but most of the work will be done on your own time according to your schedule – this gives you flexibility and the responsibility to stay on task.

You will need a PMAI user account, a broadband connection, and access to a computer. Your instructor may require additional materials or software.

PMAI host one online course management system CMS, and integrated into Joomla system. You will need to log on to a course management system to access course materials and assignment. Your professor will provide specific details.

Yes, please visit training module for our PMAI CMS.

You register for an online course as you do for any credit course. All students must log into PMAI CMS.

You can drop an online course on PMAI CMS as you would any other course.

Your course will begin on your course schedule. Your instructor will send you an email to begin class proceedings.

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