dr-joseph-jimenez-mdWhat’s PMAI all about?

Performance Medical Acupuncture Institute (PMAI) is dedicated to creating the most effective and engaging courses and training programs for the health professional. We are dedicated to educating other professionals (medical doctors -MD, doctors of osteopathy DO, chiropractic physicians, physiotherapists/physical therapists PT, doctors of physical therapists DPT, Nurse Practioner NP and massage therapists) about medical acupuncture and how to incorporate health and wellness services into their private practice.

PMAI also welcomes current students in: Medical School, Chiropractic or Physical Therapy Schools.

PMAI teaches acupuncture from a Neurofunctional and Neuromusculoskeletal approach: we use the anatomy and the science you already know from years of schooling to understand medical acupuncture and its application to your patient population. We present the most comprehensive AND the most simplified approach to learning medical acupuncture that you will have the confidence to treat your first patient from DAY ONE!!

We at PMAI are here for you, the student and medical professionals dedicated to lifelong learning. At PMAI, we believe medical acupuncture should be part of any treatment modality and wellness program. We are dedicated in making our training program the best and only acupuncture course you will ever take to allow you to treat patients effectively and build a successful acupuncture practice

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