Faith Smith
“I have suffered with asthma and allergies most of my life. I could not be out in the night air or enjoy flowers and plants in my home. I would have to shut the doors and windows whenever my husband or the neighbor would cut grass. After five weeks of treatment from Dr. Joseph, I can sit on my patio and watch my husband cut the grass. I had brought flowers inside my rooms and no reaction at all.”

Many thanks Dr. Joseph
Linda Phillips
“Dr. Joseph Jimenez treated me from the beginning of his career until I moved away. He treated me for my sinus allergies, tuned up my adrenal glands, helped me release stress and old emotions, and treated muscle pains as well. Dr. Jimenez has a gentle touch and quite healing presence. I recommend him to everyone.”
George Martin
“My family had always used acupuncture for various health problems. So when I was suffering from severe back pain and no other standard treatment methods were helping, I sought out acupuncture. I found Dr. Jimenez and he gave me hope. I had been in so much pain for many months, but with patience, positive thoughts and commitment to the treatment plan I became virtually pain free. On a scale from 1-10 my pain level was an 11 and now it is a zero or 1. Now I am living a normal life again and I can finally do everything I use to, including playing golf!”

Many thanks!
Donna Phillips
“Dr. Jimenez's treatments are thoroughly relaxing yet energizing experience. His knowledgeable and caring demeanor helps dissolve any concerns of discomfort. Dr. Jimenez has helped many of my physical imbalances - including digestive, hormonal and allergy issues. He is a true professional and his cozy and inviting office space just puts icing on the (amazing) cake.”
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